Artifacts of
Another Era

Andy Fehrenbach

Before I stared developing user interfaces, I practiced graphic design. I still love graphic design to this day, and consider its fundamentals crucial to my success as web developer—particularly typography. Below are some snippets of my graphic design work.

Wingham Farms Logo
retro, 70's-style illustration of the numerals 2015
One louder wine logo
illustration of an ampersand drawn from actual sand
illustration of hashtag made from actual fried potato hash
illustration of the alphabet with letters that are bent out of shape
illustration featuring toy cars radiating in a concentric circle pattern
illustration feautring nerf gun elements arranged in an angular pattern
illustration of the letter 'a' done in a drop-cap style
Abstract diamond pattern done in the style of charles eames
abstract graphic print of a bike spoke that looks like rays coming off of the sun