Andy Fehrenbach

Aligning a startup's design language with their audience

Homi Landing page

Moving at lightspeed at a young social networking startup, I overhauled the design of two separate web apps and landing pages—Homi Web and Homi Recruiter. Responsibilites ranged from whiteboarding and sketch mockups, to art directing photoshoots (really!), to interactive frontend development. The madlib on the homepage is still one of the wildest things i've ever developed, and it even displays well on mobile devices. The thing I'm most proud of is that I was able to create a visual language that resonated with their millenial audience, and allowed Homi to stand out in sea of social media sameness.


Homi application dashboard view
Home view of the Homi Recrutier web app, featuring a recruiter's active postings, recommended candidates, and saved candidates.
homi application messaging platform
Functionality to direct message candidates about jobs.
home application job listing management view
A homi recruiter job listing, featuring edit and delete, as well as category tagging.
homi application candidate search interface
The powerful candidate search interface for Homi Recruiter.
gif showing the transition of a mobile menu on the Homi landing page
Engaging mobile menu animation featuring perspective transform on the Homi landing page.


During my year at Homi, user growth increased by 245%, and since growth is the lifeblood of any startup, this design speaks for itself.